Troy Farah is a videographer and field producer specializing in documentaries and music videos, having worn nearly every hat in the industry—everything from directing to audio to gaffing to lighting to DP. He has helped produce two documentaries for BNN, the Dutch public broadcasting company, and currently produces for Lucrative Pictures doing commercial, wedding and documentary work. His music videos, short films and documentaries have appeared in Golf Digest and Phoenix New Times and have been shown to audiences at Film Bar, Trunk Space, Lost Leaf and elsewhere.

Here is Troy’s Vimeo profile.

¢ ‘Trumpland‘ [Fusion documentary]
donald trump troy farah fusion documentary
¢ ‘Churchgoers Respond to Trump Travel Ban‘ [NBC News]
donald trump troy farah nbc video journalism
¢ ‘Trump: Best/Worst Case Scenario‘ [AJ+ mini doc]
donald trump troy farah AJ+ documentary
¢ Interview w/ Run The Jewels [For Phoenix New Times]
run the jewels troy farah video documentary el-p killer mike
¢ Larry Fitzgerald tests golf clubs [For Golf Digest]
larry fitzgerald football troy farah videography IMG_1492 copy

¢ ‘Flesher’ [Hijacked Animation]
max fleischer tribute
¢ ‘Wasted’ GTA parody // 48hr. Film Challenge [Winner: Best Film]
grand theft auto parody trevor troy farah

¢ ‘The Back Road‘ [apocalyptic art documentary]
dean chetwynd ben kitnick troy farah documentary
¢ BNN heroin trafficking // Sheriff Joe Arpaio doc
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 12.00.16 AM
¢ No Volcano — ‘The Long Game’
no volcano insects
¢ Fathers Day — ‘Disney World’
no volcano woman
¢ No Volcano — “New York Drugstore”
no volcano woman
¢ Wolvves [appeared in Phoenix New Times]
wolvves aydin
¢ Scarce Elementz // Chalk Graffiti
¢ ‘Kissed A Lot’ [music video]
¢ Michael & Sandy Bryan Renew Their Vows
troy farah wedding video photo michael sandy bryan copy
orangesScreen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.30.11 PM
¢ the worst science fair experiment ever
goldfish experiment
¢ Andy Warpigs — “Chili Pepper”
¢ Andy Warpigs — “Coke N Smokes”
andy warpigs rules ok?
¢ Comet Hoax
comet hoax1
¢ MALLEVS — “Psychic Lines”
mallevs psychic lines
¢ Debbie Family History
afterlife debbie
¢ Trapzillas — “Trapping in Del Mar”
¢ Understanding
understanding ants
¢ Illuminati
Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 6.05.43 PM

Gaffer, decker.’s “Shadow Days
‘Special thanks,’ Emby Alexander’s “Maniéres
Editor, these stupid commercials.