Troy Farah likes to write things. Sometimes, he gets them printed. Other times, you can read them here. Farah was a part of 2016’s Hora de Junios in Hermosillo/Guaymas, Mexico.

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Sarah Hurwitz

Art by Sarah Hurwitz

Selected Fiktion
⬡ ‘Predator Satiation‘ — Tin House
⬡ ‘Pig Guts‘ — Motherboard
⬡ ‘Spiritualized’ — Little Somethings Issue 01
⬡ ‘The Doctor Will Snapchat You Now’ — Desert Writers Guild
All of a Piece: ‘Chrome Face,’ ‘Pig Guts’ and ‘Pearly’Insight II — Four Chambers Press
⬡ ‘hope is the thing with feathers’ and ‘If It Has Teeth, It Bites‘ — Four Chambers Press 05
⬡ ‘A Curious Animal‘ — Spillers #3 — published by Four Chambers Press, republished in Talking Writing 2020
⬡ ‘Chrome Face‘ — The Molotov Cocktail [2017]
⬡ ‘You May Already Be A Winner‘ — Riddled With Arrows [2017]
⬡ ‘Ms. Bijou Ate Her Babies‘ — Jumbelbook [2017]
⬡ ‘The Four Truck Drivers of the Apocalypse‘ — Part of Four ChambersLiterary Flash Mob
⬡ ‘When Elliot Let Go‘ [First Place Winner • Flash Fiction Chronicles String-of-10 FOUR Contest — Spring ’12]
⬡ ‘Resolutions‘ — Dual Coast Magazine #2
⬡ ‘Exquisite‘ [part of Chow Bella’Fried]
⬡ ‘Some Hero’ / ‘The Profile’ — [Published in Sleeping in a Torn Quilt / Dreaming of Gold #2.]
¢ http://troyfarah.com/words/the-joke/”>The Joke” [In which an artist goes too far.]

Selected Non-Fiktion
⬡ ‘The Sewer‘ [In which I fight my older brother.]
⬡ ‘Coveted Dependency‘ [published in Pages Per Content]

Selected Poetroy
⬡ ‘plead the belly‘ — a collection of brokxn verse [2014]
⬡ ‘piano / sermon / nothing
⬡ ‘coca cola.‘ [2013]
⬡ ‘sunday school.
⬡ ‘Star Fluid, Moon Milk‘ [2012]
⬡ ‘ain’t ain’t a word

Selected Skribbles
⬡ “http://www.brokejournal.com/awesomeamazingwhatever.html” target=”_blank”>Awesome Amazing Whatever” [Broke Journal]