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In early 2016, BNN, a Dutch public broadcasting company, approached me to help them produce two documentaries about drug trafficking across Mexico into Arizona. My first task was finding local heroin users and getting them to agree to be on camera and tell their story. I also uncovered a local organization that does under-the-radar syringe exchange work.

Next, I did several tours of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Tent City jail system, finding prisoners with unique stories and how they fit into Sheriff Joe’s ‘different’ style of justice. Then, I shadowed the crew for a few days as we went through the criminal justice system, made introductions with Sheriff Joe and Marc Victor, a local attorney, and helped the shoot run smoothly.

You can watch the documentary about heroin trafficking here and the documentary about Sheriff Joe Apario’s ‘unique’ criminal justice system here. (It can’t be embedded.) Much of it’s in Dutch, but you can still understand what’s happening for the most part.

Role: Associate Producer/Fixer // Dec2015-Jan2016

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