Troy Farah has been taking portraits since his early days in university. When he graduated, his first job was doing school photo day portraits at elementary schools. He has also worked for Sears, All-Pro Photo, and done many freelance portraits. Troy has published photos in VICE, Hobart, Feature Shoot, Phoenix New Times, XCity, Canyon Voices and more.

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¢ Wedding & Engagement Portraits
troy farah wedding photography phoenix

school photo day

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numb bats
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¢ Octopus (w/ Isaac Caruso)
¢ selected portraits [2013]
dave slug
¢ miley cyrus fan
miley cyrus fan
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beth scared
¢ james. [2010]
beth scared
¢ a trace of ectoplasm
a trace of ectoplasm
¢ what doesn’t right you makes you wronger
drank that stuff
troy farah studio photo phoenix