piracetamAbout this person:

¢ Troy Farah is from Phoenix, Arizona.
¢ Troy Farah is available thru this email –> troy.farah✰gmail
¢ Troy Farah is not available on the book of faces or the instant gram.
¢ Troy Farah is, however, available on twitter.

¢ Troy Farah has appeared in VICE, LA Weekly, Noisey, LitReactor, Phoenix New Times and others.
¢ Troy Farah edits the arts and culture website de’Lunula.com and PHXSUX.com
¢ Troy Farah edited the arts and culture website filthfiller.com until he forgot to renew the domain and now it’s a website for vacuums. You can find an archive here.
¢ Troy Farah has five dollars in his wallet, making him richer than 95% of the planet.
¢ Troy Farah isn’t like “rich rich” though. His diet consists of mostly ramen.
¢ Troy Farah was a Caesarian.
¢ Troy Farah writes in his books, which makes for a very strained relationship with the library.
¢ Troy Farah has met the following celebrities in person: Dave Barry, Anton Newcombe, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Christian Bland, the guy from Soft Moon, Zackey Force Funk, El-P, Killer Mike, Larry Fitzgerald.
¢ Troy Farah has been said to resemble the following celebrities: Andy McCarthy, Conor Oberst, Eddie Vedder, Elliot Smith, Brad Pitt (that person was very drunk).
¢ Troy Farah doesn’t really care much about celebrities, however.
¢ Troy Farah isn’t even sure why he mentioned it.
¢ Troy Farah has his toenails on Wikipedia if you search for “inflammation.” They’re the second ones.
¢ Troy Farah wants to become a recluse on some island someday.
¢ Troy Farah votes every election that has fair and balanced candidates who will actually bring change.
¢ Troy Farah loves Jesus, but Troy Farah isn’t an asshole about it.
¢ Troy Farah wants you to do this when he dies [Troja fuit].
¢ Troy Farah is not Troy Farah.

Troy Farah checks his email pretty regularly. send things to troy.farah✰gmail

Please feel free to send:
¢ good music
¢ cool ideas
¢ publication offers
¢ nice comments, constructive criticism or hate mail (we all have to vent sometimes)

Please avoid:
¢ Naked photographs
¢ Asking for drugs
¢ Money scams (if you have a large sum of money to give Troy Farah, he’d prefer you donated it to charity. He is partial about Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors w/o Borders) and the Wikimedia Foundation.)