clint eastwood parody // ‘kissed a lot’ music video

“Unforgivable” Clint Eastwood Parody for IndieGogo Campaign [2015]

We went down to Tucson to shoot the crowdfunding video for Michael Monroe Goodman’s upcoming album “The Flag, The Bible, and Bill Monroe.” My job as a line producer/unit production manager was organizing the crew, setting up camera angles, running a second camera and trying not to die from dehydration.

Written, directed, and edited by Michael Goodman. Starring Michael Goodman and Lance Brown. Director of photography, Lucas Mullikin. Line Producer, Troy Farah.

A few months later, Goodman hired us to shoot a music video for his song ‘Kissed A Lot,’ which was filmed at St. Cecilia Studios in Tucson on two Lumix GH4’s with a giant crane or two, and plenty of studio lights. My role was once again a producer and second camera (doubling as production assistant).

© 2015
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