‘trumpland’ — fusion doc

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**Nominated for an Emmy! Also, here.**

For approximately eight weeks, I worked as a field producer for Fusion on a non-partisan doc called ‘Trumpland‘ as part of their Naked Truth series. I worked closely with director Leighton Woodhouse, put him in touch with Troy (same name as me, haha) in Tucson, helped coordinate, schedule, interview and sometimes even drive. We followed Troy to a Mike Pence rally, to his former home that was foreclosed and saw firsthand the economic forces that motivated him to support a candidate like Trump.

It was great being a part of a project where I felt ‘essential.’ Once, a producer missed her flight (her Uber driver was pulled over, long story) but unfortunately, she had all the camera equipment. I was already on my way from Phoenix to Tucson, but quickly turned around, rented the equipment from Tempe Camera and still made it to the shoot on time. Little moments like this made me like I was a necessary part of something.

For the record, I did not support Trump as a candidate and this was only a neutral, journalistic documentary that sought to open a line of dialogue with ‘normal’ people about their political preference.

Role: Field Producer
Director: Leighton Woodhouse

**NOTE: Not to be confused with ‘Michael Moore’s Trumpland.’**

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