run the jewels talks ‘meow the jewels’


Role: Direction, editing by Troy Farah
Camera: Jack Schwitz

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When Run The Jewels came to Zia Records in Phoenix for a merch signing, they were eager to meet their fans, including Sly. Later, they made way to an undisclosed alley to smoke some cannabis sativa (strain: Alaskan Ice) provided by yours truly.

It’s clear that El-P and Killer Mike, the explosive rap duo that make up Run The Jewels, give a shit about their fans. You need look no further than how they handled the funding for Meow The Jewels, the tongue-in-cheek proposal to remix Run The Jewels 2 with nothing but cat meows if someone paid them $40,000.

So when Phoenix call center cowboy Sly Jones took up their $40,000 offer to, they were shocked, but delighted. Jones used Kickstarter to raise more than $65,000, all of which is now going to the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. Both young men were shot and killed by police earlier this year, events that Run The Jewels have been outspoken about.

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