silicon mountain

Role: Producer (also on-location production and sound)
Director: Jack HS
‘Silicon Mountain’ is a 30-minute documentary about the entire disgusting, tragic, wasteful life cycle of our electronic devices. From cradle to grave, these machines are driving unprecedented destruction of natural resources. And when we’re done with them we throw them in the trash.

But there are some tangible solutions. With this film, we wanted to highlight the positive changes we can make. We got some pretty amazing access to people who work in the recycling industry, folks who are usually shy and distrustful of cameras because so many documentaries on this topic have burned them, made them the center of the blame.

I spent over a year on this project as a producer, coordinating with sources, diving deep into the research and traveled to 7 cities (Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco) to help make this film, often holding a boom pole and driving interviews. It was an amazing project to be a part of with the director, Jack HS, the cinematographer John Haas, and our executive producer Bradley Callow (RIP). It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Pattersons: Joel, Hillary and Stevie. If you have time, I hope you enjoy this film and learn something from it, especially thinking differently about your relationship with your electronic devices.

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