Thanksgiving in Mesa (with my mother’s friend’s mother’s friends.)

November 23, 2012

in blowg

Mesa, with old people, all over 50, who are obsessed with gourds, who do not talk to me, who serve me traditional yet not accurate meals, i do not drink, i wish i could drink, i’m drinking now, i ate a deviled egg before supper, the old people glared at me, they glared at me when i smoked a cigarette, i do not know these old people, they don’t talk to me, they are my mother’s friend’s mother’s friends, they are obsessed with gourds, so fucking obsessed, they have a book called “gourd culture” on their coffee table, we prayed, it was short, i ate, i got into a fight with my sister, it was awkward, we smoked more, glared at more, my mother made us write thank you cards, i wrote one to my mother’s parents and my father’s parents and sent a text to my editor saying ‘thank you for being such a great editor’ and he responded with ‘thank you for ruling’ and i started to feel really sappy and thankful and grateful because i lost a lot of money yesterday in court and i hate being broke but i’m fucking happy anyway and i have this awesome girlfriend who puts up with all my shit and i put up with all her shit and that way we can love each other fully and i might have started to cry, but i think i was texting and i fell asleep and dreamed of seeing the Dandy Warhols in concert and stepping in psychedelic mushrooms up to my thighs, a thick muddy paste of magical mushrooms, wizard fungi, all of them colored like a rainbow and i was eating them like they were piles of melted ice cream cuz that’s the texture they had and i was so happy and i drove home and my sister got a haircut because she needs a change and i wondered if i need a change and we argued some more on the long drive home and i got super drunk and we watched Waking Life but it made my head ache and so i smoked a lot and my sister and i made up so then my sister and i got pretty drunk and that’s what i’m thankful for.

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