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December 12, 2012

in blowg

a long time ago, internet k-hole was mentioned in vice as the author’s favorite website and i laughed at the hyperbole “favorite” but now i completely agree. it’s nothing original, just really old photos and some of them you’ve probably seen before. but they’re organized in a way so they have a transcendent, fluid organization that doesn’t always follow, yet always draws you in. you do feel like you’ve entered your own personal k-hole.

i could study these images for hours. i find myself counting the objects in every room, making sense of the clutter of 20, 30, 40 years ago and making it make sense in my head. i can put myself in this room, imagine myself drunk and wasted and stoned, looking up into the ceiling with such a dizzying sense of losing oneself and i can almost feel myself outstrip time.

i love wood panelling so much and i don’t give a fuck that it’s tacky.

the fascinating part is, generation after generation, they all think they’re the worst one or the one next or the one next. people are just as stupid and rotten and awful as they’ve always been, just now, with the internet, it’s easier to see this. before facebook, those dirty, fun photos you took didn’t ever get seen by everyone. they just got seen by you.

looking at family albums of people getting drunk, making faces, even taking their clothes off and doing regrettable things (some of these images are NSFW, BTW) reminds me how that’s all anyone has ever wanted in the world:

to get wasted, to have sex, to sleep in on weekends, to watch trash tv, to dress cool, to dress silly, to dress fun, to pet your cat, to give the finger to certain authority members, to wear masks, to not drive the speed limit, to hunt, to gather, to vandalize, to have a baby, to create, to forget for a damn moment that we’re all getting older and we’re all dying and one day we’re all gonna die.

i wish i could go to a time when the internet and cell phones didn’t exist because it was so much simpler. in the same way that a k-hole will take you into a place outside yourself, a place outside time, internet k-hole fucks with those overly nostalgic, dripping with self-loathing sentimentalism that has so infected this generation and myself.

i like the punk girls the best. they represent to me a loss of innocence that you can’t find anymore today. people these days lose their innocence at birth. it isn’t a choice, like it was in suburban families that didn’t get MTV thru their cable 30 years ago and daddy’s precious daughter one day comes home with half her head shaved and the other half dyed a hideous shade of kool-aid. to experience that shock and alienation from family, from strangers on the street, from teachers, from police, from the opposite sex… that must have felt somehow special. now, i wonder if you can feel that way at all anymore.

i could write an entire novel on this website. i have even saved a few images in the vain attempt to turn them into short stories. but enuff talking. here’s the website.

here’s that vice article i was talking about. it isn’t archived on their site anymore.

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