May 3, 2014

in blowg, foto

here is a selection of photos from that time when i really needed to get out of town to clear my cluttered head so we aimed the car northwest and ended up outside bagdad. not that place in iraq. it’s a shithole mining town in arizona.

we burned things and ate weird things and forgot a tent so we stayed up all night shivering in the freezing cold and saw jets doing flare runs over at luke air force base. we also forgot firewood so we had to scavenge from a palo verde tree struck by lightning and dead cactus things. in the morning, after no sleep, we shot a microwave we found. we are not good at camping.

personally i think timelapse photos are kind of gimmicky, but these were fun to try and i like the flares from the jets so bite me, me.

all digital images shot with canon t3i except the last two which were 35mm on a canon ae-1.

cut hand

cactus in space

deep space

dusty stars



joshua tree landscape

joshua tree night

long exposure of moon

road illum



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