whats up its eddie (selected text messages from eddie’s phone)

May 12, 2014

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Recently, I went to my local thrift store to purchase a temporary cell phone. I discovered a Verizon prepaid wireless phone, but more interesting were the text messages inside it (the phone does not have picture capabilities). While a mere 50 text messages existed inside, I learned quite a lot about the phone’s previous owner, “eddie.” This small glimpse into his life via text gave me a unique yet strange insight into the lifestyle, worldview and personality of someone who I never met and have no idea what they look like.

The most interesting character study, if we can call it that, was from “Dad,” a man who clearly defines what it is to be a role model. No idea what his third text, “…douse tho play lotion…” means. But who is Chance? Why does he keep calling? What does he want?

i_baby eddie now give me money

“Now give me money”

i_cookie love

“Love you baby!”


i_dad takis

“Chance keeps calling”

The drug related text messages were also titillating, as I had no idea what a “zip” was before I looked it up. Even the “SPAM texts” that “eddie” received are somewhat interesting — one clearly sniffs of a scam. But the relationships with others that eddie has was most puzzling.

“Shelley,” whose 3:17 am text indicates a certain level of intoxication or comedown, was ignored. She was obviously miffed by this — what level of relationship does that indicate? Why are “Lisa’s” texts marked “Urgent?” As indicated by eddie’s sent messages, he’s not very good at wooing the ladies. The “draft” that eddie never sent was also shows another side of eddie.

i_david boom reg

“more of that fluff”


i_lisa urgent miss me




“Please Contact”

I have a lot more questions than answers about eddie, but reading these texts made me feel like I got to know someone I might never have fully understood otherwise. I also feel the way I took the pictures, dark messages floating in a void, represents how these texts are just dead data sitting on a useless trac phone that will collect dust. After these photos were taken, I destroyed the phone.

All images taken with Canon T3i. Click to enlarge.


“?? (Shelley)”


i_UK chache2

“What’s up with chache?”



“Dont b licking no but mon”



“In sorry i spoke’


s_what do you want

“U miss me”


s_whatup its eddie

“Whats up its eddie”



“Need a zip how much”


eddies phone

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