franz kafka cries from his fingernails

April 19, 2014

in blowg

[tweets i made strung out on speed at 4:33 a.m. … since deleted]

your favorite writer crying because he read your book

not good tears

kurt vonnegut probably cries like a cat licking his face

david foster wallace probably cries like he’s trying to push the tears back in

franz kafka cries from his fingernails and the tears are the flavor of his childhood home on fire

kafka has to hold his hands up to his eyes so the tears will stream down his face

cormac mccarthy has only ever cried 2x, both times holding a shot gun to his temple

billy burroughs must go to a hospital to get tears injected to cry, makes this trip too often

his insurance is threatening to drop him

i cry like a fucking bitch

write book w/ chocolate ink so it melts if anyone reads it

write book w/ no cover & pages are crumbly old newspaper, disintegrates as you read

write book with tiny offwhite ink, have to read in uv light, story is about wasting power

write book about strungout drug addict using twitter at 4:33 am

fuck then i’d be too much like tao lin … maybe not bad idea

tell tao lin not to follow me on twitter don’t let him steal my ideas

tell tao lin to add me back on facebook tho i want to ‘like’ his stuff

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