coca cola


with citric jaws — with phosphoric fangs

coca cola dissolves the teeth

liquifying enamel — decomposing dentine

drilling into that sweet, sweet pulp

smoldering gums — igniting nerves

like a string of firecrackers


the same way, old love opens old wounds

with phosphoric jaws — with citric fangs

liquifying devotion — decomposing promise

re-exploring each other’s skin

via dissolving our fingers in

acidic syrup


in supermarket troughs

fingernails gnawed to puzzle pieces

coca cola sold next to

hyper-idolatry, page after page

a whole BIBLE of

gossip, gossip, gossip


mass-marketed poison

to singe our veins and

gunge up our hearts

like how a romantic film makes you feel

less alone

and there’s hope for you