things i wrote in august 2017

August 28, 2017

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here is a list of things that i had published this august. click to find more archives of published fiction and journalism.

Kentucky Lawmakers Are Leading the Fight to Federally Legalize Hemp‘ — Motherboard
Really happy with this one. I greatly enjoyed talking with Rep. Thomas Massie, which honestly surprised me. I thought our conversation would be short, terse and business-like. Instead, he was friendly and conversational, gave me a lot more time to talk than I thought he would and we ended up discussing unrelated topics, such as Afghanistan. Never thought I would get along so well with a republican congressman from Kentucky. I also really enjoyed my conversation with John Ryan of Ananda Hemp, who taught me a lot about hemp that I didn’t already know and also (not included in the story) put the DEA’s Schedule I announcement of CBD into perspective.

Emerging Drug Threats and the Whac-a-Mole Theory‘ — The Fix
I’ve been following the DEA’s Emerging Threat Reports for a while now. The information in them is not that useful, really, but as someone who likes a lot about chemistry and novel psychoactive substances, it was great for The Fix to let me geek out about this and talk with someone from the Drug Policy Alliance about the broader context of these reports. This also got posted to Alternet, which I was not told about and discovered accidentally.

Oregon’s Psilocybin Society Drafts Framework For Legal Mushroom Therapy‘ — Psychedelic Times
I spoke to couple Tom and Sheri Eckhert about their plans to put an initiative legalizing psilocybin ‘magic’ mushroom therapy on Oregon’s ballot in 2020. They were great to speak with, and had a lot of insight on how psilocybin can treat anxiety, depression and addiction.

MAPS Now Accepts Bitcoin—Plus, Other Ways You Can Support Psychedelic Research‘ — Psychedelic Times
Just a quick writeup on some news ways to help the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (aka MAPS). I like doing things like this because it gives me the excuse to research some organizations I think are doing important work.

Last Week In Cannabis—Five Marijuana Stories You Might Have Missed‘ — Psychedelic Times
Another quick writeup and the start of a (hopefully) weekly column for me, aggregating some of my favorite overlooked cannabis stories from the week.

dent’s ‘Tweaker’ Is Agitated Garage Rock At Its Best‘ — PHX SUX
Haven’t been writing about music as much lately, which is weird, but I enjoyed doing this one.

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