Troy Farah has worked for the Phoenix New Times since 2012. He’s seen a lot of concerts, and sometimes takes photos to accompany his stories. You can see clippings here.

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¢ Saul Williams, Club Red
Saul Williams, Club Red
¢ Le Butcherettes, Crescent Ballroom
numbbats copy
¢ Deafheaven, Crescent Ballroom
Deafheaven, Crescent Ballroom my

Deafheaven, Crescent Ballroom
¢ Man Hands, Yucca Tap Room
man hands copy
¢ Numb Bats, Yucca Tap Room
numbbats copy
Yelle, Crescent Ballroom — click for more
Yelle at Crescent Ballroom
Tycho, Crescent Ballroom
Tycho, Crescent Ballroom
¢ um
¢ decker.
Math The Band
Math The Band
Math The Band
Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon
Whitehorse -- Peter Hyde

Whitehorse’s Peter Hyde, Yucca Tap Room

Simon Joyner -- Trunk Space

Simon Joyner, The Trunk Space