July 15, 2015

in blowg

“My biggest pet peeve is all the hipster fools calling this thing in Phoenix a “scene.” All we are is a bunch of young adults that enjoy music. It’s not a movement — it’s a bunch of the same people who grew up together or played in bands together or are neighbors or screwed each other or owe someone a favor or have enough money from daddy to afford a turntable or whatever. It’s all very Möbius and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s better to realize that being part of a “scene” is the opposite of cool. In a scene, you have cliques and a certain standard to appeal to. My favorite artists are the ones that work hard at their output, don’t prescribe to the self-serving identity of the rest of the city and don’t take this whole “Phoenix is gonna be the next coolest city” thing seriously. The people that show love and support to their neighbors without having to draw lines in the sand or identify with something or label something — those are the people that matter to me.”

Oh my god there’s assholes everywhere
Pretentious fucking assholes everywhere

something i said in 2013 meant to call out self-serving simpletons who take themselves too seriously, ended up calling myself out two years later.

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