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July 30, 2015

in blowg, foto

[found][photographer: unknown][date: 1993][license: public domain]
i sometimes find film at thrift stores or in the garbage that i develop myself and then release the pictures into the public domain. do what you want with these (even commercial use) but please give me credit so i can see what you did.

these are scanned negatives of an anonymous person’s trip to africa, assuming from the free-roaming images of lions, giraffes and elephants that this is not some kentucky backyard. the camera indicates a date of march-april 1993, back when film cameras would burn a set series of numbers into the negative. it is not certain whether this date is accurate or not, as this device was not always used correctly.

more found here.

fnd africa tfarah

fnd africa tfarah0001

fnd africa tfarah0002

fnd africa tfarah0003

fnd africa tfarah0004

fnd africa tfarah0005

fnd africa tfarah0006

fnd africa tfarah0007

fnd africa tfarah0008

fnd africa tfarah0009

fnd africa tfarah0010

fnd africa tfarah0011

fnd africa tfarah0012

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