A Dream: Smells Like Teen Spirit

October 24, 2012

in blowg

Seeing Nirvana perform, but Kurt Cobain wasn’t on stage and the band was supposed to play “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but were instead playing really slow versions of My Bloody Valentine. The producers were getting pissed and so was the audience, but I was loving it. Finally, Kurt stuck his head out from between the curtains and started yelling about how he had a gun. Then he laughed, saying it wasn’t cool to threaten people with guns.

He ran out, kicking the rest of the band’s instruments off stage and breaking everything else apart. In the orchestra pit, Kurt started throwing things around, breaking the violins and cellos and shit. Security ran up to him, but Kurt just threw the broken instruments at them and they fell back.

Then, grabbing one of the cellos, Kurt jumped back onstage and started the opening riffs of “Teen Spirit.” It sounded weird and distorted and fresh, like I was hearing the song for the very first time. It was the best show I’ve ever been to.

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