you gotta break a few ankhs to make an amulet

July 8, 2013

in blowg

In traffic, inhaling smog, inhaling carbon monoxide, inhaling nicotine, glaring at the red taillights interning me between the freedom of the HOV lane and my exit, head shaking as news streams in. Used to listen to music, but now I listen to radio news. And I never knew things were this bad. It goes:

Market crash/legislation/gun violence/legislation.

Revolution/legislation/protest/car bomb/legislation.

Poison air/poison water/poison food/legislation.

Revolution, revolution, revolution.

Never knew things were this bad. Day in/day out, never hear about it getting any better. It never gets better and it only gets worse. After awhile, it all begins to smear. Radio static says things like,

Feed the beast the best and best the beast that’s fed.

You gotta break a few ankhs to make an amulet.

Live free or rye.

Finally untied from chains of traffic, I speed home, go right to the fridge and grab a beer and go in the backyard and crack the beer open and it gushes and I light another cigarette and watch the sunset and drink. The radio still buzzes in my brain.

Ethanol is the anti-venom of every soul.

What poisons also liberates.

Another chain can set you free.

I begin to forget, to drift, to feel unchained again.

Birds chirp/dogs bark/sun sets.

Neighbors come home/roommates come home/I’m home and that means:

I am safe/I am free/I am alive.

This chaos I hear so much about… where the fuck is it?


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