People who have propelled me to success and for whom I am especially grateful to have in my life (not that success is a prerequisite to my life, but that I am still grateful.) Current as of 6/25/15.

Riayn Grey
Bethany Farah
Paul Farah
Heather Farah

David Accomazzo
Jason Woodbury
Heather Hoch
Benjamin Leatherman
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Paul Helford
Mary Tolan
Mr. Connelly
Ms. Emily Cullings

Nathan Langlois
Luke Miller
Levi Stallings
Lucas Mullikin
Shannon Dillon
James B. Hunt
Andy Warpigs
Sebastian Stevenson
Kyle Anderson
Isaac Caruso
Dave Morris
Trevvor Riley
Jack Schwitz
Jim Andreas
Dena Johnson