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July 2, 2013

in blowg

what’s more sad on NPR this morning: a story on villages infested with tuberculosis in Tajikistan* who refuse to believe the disease is spread through airborne contact, assuming it is

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cold water that causes it or interviews with fangirls at the red carpet premiere of the Lone Ranger who believe that the movie will be a good history lesson?? send your answer on a postcard.

NPR gives a traffic report: “All highways are moving at normal or above-average speeds.” i don’t think i’ve ever heard that in my life. i get to work late anyway. my, my. what a weird day it shall be.

*not that i am terribly uninformed but maybe i am anyway, i was not aware that Tajikistan existed. because i am human and not omnipotent and had a terrible public school education, i will openly admit this flawful ignorance. i knew about Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, which border the country, which is poor consolation for being unaware of 8 million people who make up a distinct cultural identity, so now i’m reading more about this whole area and the civil war that devastated the region. this my only available amendment for a self-created sin. i will never know all and this mildly upsets me.

does death excite you?

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