virginia is for nothing.

January 16, 2014

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[march 2012]

the worst job i’ve ever had promised free travel. sounded gleeful, until i realized they were sending me to virginia in the tail-end of winter, which nearly froze my balls off. plus, when your shifts are 14 hours, you don’t exactly have time for sight-seeing. plus, i was without my girlfriend or access to weed for an entire week, so i was more depressed than usual from this deadend job.

on the one night we had off, we found ourselves in D.C. but it was so late, all the monuments were closed. that’s the closest i’ve ever gotten to the washington memorial — just driving by.┬áthe only entertainment was a dive bar and some macaroni. given these terrible parameters, i was only able to take a few photographs of one of the few stops we made at a warehouse, but most of what i got was from the window of the rental car as we sped by this strange land of withered tress, leftover snow slush and labyrinths of pot-holed freeways. virginia isn’t for lovers — virginia is for nothing.

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