take my chances

When Ash gets the flu, he winds up at the best doctor his Obamacare can find, taking him on a disgusting, animated journey of vomit, pills and underworld demons. de’Lunula Media presents ‘Take My Chances,’ from the 2016 No Volcano album ‘Dead Horse Power’ out now from Onus Records.

Find the band on the Book of Faces.

Shot and Cut
Troy Farah

Director of Photography
Lucas Mullikin

No Volcano — ‘Take My Chances’

Troy Farah

Mene Tekel

Ashley Naftule as Patient Zero
The Klute as Doctor Strangelove
Scott Mitting as Doctor Lovestrange
The Klute as the Dark Lord
Garrett Farah as Goat God
Glenn Sobbing as Dancing Humping Skeleton / Piss Boy

Fight Coordinator…Jeff Kron
Props Dept…Nathan Langlois
Best Boy…Sebastian Stevenson
Key Grip…Garrett Farah

Filmed at Space 55 in Phoenix, AZ

Special thanks: Jim Andreas, Riayn Grey, Garrett Farah, Nate the Great, Andy Warpigs, Shannon Dillon, Pixabay.com, Pexels.com, Wikimedia Commons, HalloweenAddicted (heart-rate monitor), Timothy Pearce (caves), Public Domain Pictures.net (caves), McKay Savage (caves), Wal-Mart (shoplifted thermometer.)

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