things i wrote in june and july 2017

August 23, 2017

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as the title suggests, this is a list of things that i had published this summer. click to find more archives of published fiction and journalism.

june 2017

Chrome Face‘ — The Molotov Cocktail
A story about a young man that gets a new face. A personal favorite.

You May Already Be A Winner‘ — Riddled With Arrows
A rant I wrote during a frustrating tenure I had as an SEO hack found a home four years later. I love the way they formatted it. Very meta, I suppose.

july 2017

Ms. Bijou Ate Her BabiesJumbelbook
Aw, it’s a story about hamsters! How cute! How disgusting!

The Latest Drug Trend Doesn’t Actually Exist‘ — The Outline
Probably my best story to date. Very tough investigative piece that took three weeks of work—although I’ve been tracking this rumor since March—which turned up no evidence that ‘Narcan parties’ exist. These urban legends have popped up in numerous media reports over the last few years, but none of them provided any evidence. Yet, strangely enough, before I wrote this, the rumors didn’t receive a thorough debunking, which was honestly surprising to me. Not surprising, a few days after my article went live, there were three separate media reports around the country making claims about naloxone parties. None of them provided any evidence either.
Kyle Jaeger of ATTN: did a piece on my article and I was also invited as a call-in guest on the Aug. 1 episode of The Outline’s World Dispatch.

A Brief History of Weed Vapes‘ — Motherboard
I interviewed several CEO and industry insiders of top-level marijuana vaporizer companies about market trends and blah blah blah.

I Reviewed 7 Cutting-Edge Weed Vapes‘ — Motherboard
…Then I was lucky enough to sample some of the most popular, new vaporizers on the market. Wee!

Congress Wants More Power To Ban Drugs—Kratom Could Be Next‘ — Psychedelic Times
This was just a quick blog on an important topic—not giving more power to the Attorney General. What a strange concept!

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