the girl in the mall

November 26, 2014

in blowg, vapors

I was in the thrift store section of a giant mall, searching for something but couldn’t find it and I was probably supposed to be somewhere else. I saw a girl with blonde hair and her eyes were crossed out and so I followed her to a giant library. She was looking for a zine that she had written. She said it in a weird voice, so then I realized she was actually a robot. She began destroying all these books and her goal was to ruin all the books in the world. Tearing out the pages, opening her mouth and swallowing them whole, burning down the whole library.

It was only a matter of time before the entire world’s supply of literature was erased, but if I found that zine she had written, well, then I knew she’d stop. I finally found it, but a clone of hers tried to wrestle it from me. I ended up locking her in the bathroom and even though I got the zine covered in shit, I was able to rescue it.

I met the girl in the arboretum and she was almost ready to destroy the rest of the books, but then I produced the zine. I had to eat it, page by page, and when I finished, the girl exploded like a piƱata, confetti everywhere and everything around us turned into books.

Now there were too many books, so I had to start going by and destroying them myself, in order to find the right balance.

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