Troy Farah has things said about him sometimes and he collected them here to prove that you should hire him or something.

Troy Farah is a talented writer, a good guy, and an avid reader of infographics. It is a pleasure to follow him on Facebook and I would recommend him to any editors who need clean copy, weird and sincere pitches for unusual #content, and a more interesting Facebook newsfeed.

— Dan Moore, former New Times editor, probably said this.

Troy Farah has written some things that I have enjoyed and has always told me when I have written things that he’s enjoyed. Top-tier talent is one thing, but top-tier talent that makes you feel like top-tier talent is also a thing.

— Mike BogumiƂ, New Times co-writer guy [allegedly].

Troy Farah is made of candy. You’d be a complete and utter fool to not hire a guy made out of candy.’

— Dayv Maurus typed this or at least part of it.

Troy Farah … is talented, interesting, and good looking, just like his father. He can write really well, just like his father. He is a great lover, just like his father.
However, unlike his father, he is a poor marksman, and could not fix a car if you paid him good money to do so. So he should not be hired for fixing cars, or personal problems. He also sucks at keeping his room clean and doing the dishes in a timely manner (or at least he did when he was a teenager). About 25 years ago, Troy had the nasty habits of pooping in his pants, and screaming hysterically in the middle of the night, however I think that he may have finally conquered these bad habits, as I have not seen him do either of those things lately.

If I were hiring someone I would definitely keep this guy in mind, because we must all do our part to lower unemployment numbers.

— Paul Farah, Troy Farah’s assumed father (no paternity tests have been performed.)