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November 9, 2015

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‘While we were busy
Following someone’s dead
Link, the world has transformed.’

‘the purpose … is for the city I build to be destroyed … As cities in Asia grow, old buildings are knocked down and new ones built, almost every day … My city [is] tempting and delicious. When we are eating the city we are using our desire to taste it, but at the same time we are demolishing the city and turning it into a ruin.'[1]

Over the next decade it has been claimed to be the most viewed photograph in the world during that time.[2]

i’m glad alex balk doesn’t have a smart phone still. sometimes i feel like the last person on earth who doesn’t have one. even dena johnson finally got a smartphone. the more other people pressure me to get a phone with semi-high-speed internet connectivity and gps and apps and all this dumb crap, the more i want to resist and keep my circa 2008 slider device with a keyboard. people will argue with me about this forever but it’s like they’re trying to get me to join a cult.

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