reading: toilet paper bandits

March 27, 2017

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this is so crazy on so many levels. at a popular tourist trap in china, toilet paper theft is a real problem, apparently, so the gov’t installed facial recognition machines that won’t let you take more than two-feet of paper every nine minutes.

first of all, if your population is stealing toilet paper out of necessity, (assuming not to just be a dick), you’ve got bigger problems. second, if you have $720 to pay for these machines, maybe you have enough money to pay for toilet paper? i’m not going to do the math on that one, so i could be wrong. i just looked it up and according to one website 6.3 million people visit the temple of heaven per year, so idk, maybe this is an investment, but it just seems lacking in compassion. if someone needs to steal toilet paper that badly, let them!

but it could be worse. according to this article, many chinese restrooms don’t provide shit wipes. at all. BYOTP.

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