August 1, 2013

in blowg

today was very productive for me. i finished a short story that i’ve been gnawing away at for about a year. it still needs edits, but it made me happy when the ending just “clicked.” i also edited 10 pages in the 4th draft of a novel. only 105 to go.

i know no one cares. asking a writer about his writing process and daily accomplishments is actually quite boring. people want the finished result. while someday, you may read those finished pieces and if you like me or my writing or maybe even both, then you may enjoy it. in the meantime, writing is a long, boring process.┬áluckily, i’m the only one that reads this blowg so it doesn’t matter if talking about boring things bores you because of course it doesn’t. you’re not reading this.

the most important accomplishment of my day was scrawling 8 pages in my journal. you’ll probably never read that, at least not till after i die. it won’t make me money or famous or get me laid or score me drugs. some of my writing does some of that. but putting pen to paper, literally, fountain pen to journal, doesn’t do any of that. it just feels good. it gives me a spiritual piece of mind.

it’s very nice to have secrets.

anyway, the point of this is i was imagining a future where everything was digital and there were new generations, like 50 years from now or something, that never experience paper. you know, the same way a 10 year old today has no idea what a cassette tape is. or dialup. or film. basically anything my parents were forced to use before AOL.

a world without paper… one of the most important inventions in history, for without it, we may not even have much history. and in 2064, someone turns 15 and then hears about “paper” for the first time and is given a notebook and this weird stylus that bleeds and she learns how to write her name.

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