August 14, 2013

in blowg

thinking about every single word ever uttered in history and ever will be uttered in history, right from the big bang to the second big bang (aka the explosion that snuffs this universe out in the end) and thinking of language as one movement of energy, a ripple effect, watching as words were first spoken, then words were returned with words and then arguments and speeches, debates and screaming fits, followed by poetry and epics, epistolary narratives given from the throat, romantic odes, waves of blabbering, towers of babbling, growing in real time, language etched into time and once spoken, once scarred in the meanderings of time, can never be undone, unspoken, a sort of cosmic energy that continually transforms and mutates and spirals out of control and dies and then reincarnates and rejuvenates and bursts out into the atmosphere, an echo of an echo of an echo, over and over again, accumulated into one moment in time, that one moment being all 4 billion years of earth fast-forwarded on God’s remote control and then rewound, over and over as He listens to our prayers and just hears music.

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