dreams: wasps / cold

June 4, 2013

in blowg

may 28 2013


The Girl came over to return some things to me, but when I opened the paperbag she held out to me, a swarm of wasps flew out and began to dig into my skin. There was no way to get these giant, three-inch wasps out, because like some breed of giant ticks, they sunk their barbed heads into my arms and didn’t move. I had to burn the wasps and that turned them into a kind of rubber cement like paste that melted on my skin. And oh God, it hurt so bad I started crying.

She was just laughing, saying over and over again that she didn’t care and I kept asking her why she had come back just to torment me and she just laughed.

I told Danny, we’re going to the bar. I need a drink. But I couldn’t leave her. I kept walking back to her, crawling on my knees and she kept opening the bag and the wasps would come for me and I could only hear her laughing.

june 3rd 2013


In the cold mountains. I had traveled there myself, just walking. I met some mountain men and they took me in. I began to tell them about the book I was reading, but they kept interrupting me and I realized I was on a journey of my own. I was in my own book. It was very cold in these mountains and I wanted to leave, so I headed toward three giant cruise ships.

I got on the third and the first two ran up river to a tropical place, but the one I was riding crashed on the riverbank. I asked the mountain man what the deal was and he explained those two were going somewhere tropical, but not this one. This one was a “camping in the wilderness survivalist” cruise ship. I was still stuck.

So I hiked it up the mountain and met with the camp. There was snow everywhere and The Girl was there and she was my bunkmate. Our bed was a pavilion out in the middle of the snow with only bales of hay as bedding and pillows.

I was quite annoyed and positive I would freeze to death, but she said she would keep me warm. She said she would hold me and we would survive. I shook my head. No.

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