April 1, 2014

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coolness is crucial. without it, your self-esteem may suffer and the doctors say that’s not too good. you may get sick. here’s the catch-22: the only way to be cool is to not care about being cool.

sometimes cool happens by accident. it comes overnight, visits like the tooth fairy and in the morning you have it. a shiny nickel traded for bloody bones. but once you look in the mirror, it’s over. shit.

the only way to remain cool, to diet your ego on starch, Mt. Dew and hair gel, is to never actualize the cool. you know, like insanity, how the insane never know they’re insane? right. the cool never know they’re even sick.

except some do know they’re cool and they know it all too well. they run the risk of being “too cool for school” and er, well that makes them an asshole because we’re all fucking stuck in this classroom and can’t do shit about it. assholes are not cool, but it can be easy to mistake the two.

there are a valiant few who recognize their cool, but never let it get to them. like a cancer patient or a surfer surrounded by sharks, they remain calm in the eddies of blood and just wait for this to pass. aware of their condition, yet vainly attempting to keep their heart rate down, trying so hard not to let the poison run faster through their veins, going to their heads, where the damage will be permanent.

i like people like that the best.

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